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Our final mid-week service of 2018 is Wednesday.  Join us at 12:05 p.m. for Holy Communion followed by a potluck lunch and fellowship. At this time, we will also bid a fond farewell to Fr. Stuart Hoke, who has graciously served as our supply priest for the Wednesday service twice a month since August.

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Prepare the Way: ‘Keeping a Holy Advent’ – Father Jay is leading a weekly Advent discussion in the parlor between services, 9:20 to 10 a.m. The discussion will follow the scriptures appointed for each week, highlighting their importance for us in keeping a holy Advent as we prepare the way for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. In preparation for Sunday’s lesson, here is a link to the lectionary:  4 Advent 


Christmas Eve Reception – There will be a reception, hosted by The Daughters of the King, following the service on Christmas Eve in honor of Father Jay and Lisa Bruno.  Father Jay has faithfully served Trinity as our priest for the past year and a half.  We are so very grateful to have been blessed with his presence at our services.  The Daughters will provide punch, wine, etc.  We would like everyone to bring finger foods, cookies, or anything else yummy to help make this a festive occasion!  Please join us after the Christmas Eve service to thank Father Jay and Lisa for their time spent with us here at Trinity in the service of the One who came to us on this most holy of nights. – Gina DeMoss

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Vestry nominations for 2019 – It’s the time of year when nominations are sought for next year’s Vestry. There are four positions to fill. Nominees will stand for election at the annual parish meeting in January. If you would like to nominate someone for the vestry, please speak to that person first, make sure he or she is eligible and willing to serve, and that you have their permission to nominate them. Nomination forms will soon be available in the office. For more information, please contact Julie Bridgforth.

Canon 24(6)(c): The qualifications for a member of the parish vestry shall be as follows:

·        A confirmed communicant of the parish in good standing of not less than 18 years of age,

·        a frequent attendant upon the services of the parish for the six months next preceding the election

·        and a regular contributor and pledger of record, or a member of a family unit which is a regular contributor and pledger of record for the support of the parish;

PROVIDED (1) a husband and wife shall not both be members of the vestry at the same time; and (2) members of the paid staff (including clergy) of a parish working more than ten (10) hours per week, and their spouses, shall not be eligible to serve.

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Our 2019 stewardship campaign is under way. Pledge cards have been mailed for your prayerful consideration. If you wish to make a pledge, please complete the card and return it by mail or in the collection plate. Your financial commitment helps us in planning an effective budget. If you did not receive a card but wish to make a pledge, extra cards are available in the office.